Futuristically Beautiful

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Things are way different in this out of this world futuristic party. Fallon and Dillon look stunning in teal and heir outfits are definitely different. These two are one of a kind and they made their mark here. “It’s tealicious time!” – Dillon

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On Dillon:

Hair – Boon – Cornrows & Bun Add-on {Gold}

Dress – *SG* –  Bonnie Dress {Turquoise}

Shoes – tulip. – Peep Toe Booties [Slink]{Teal} [found @ Collabor88]

Earrings – {A Breakfast Convo} –  Ocean Winds {Linked}

Makeup – **NOYA** –   Spring Glitter Exotic Eyes & Lips {Green Eye/Silver Lip} [Group Gift]

On Fallon:

Hair – Miss C  – Adriana {Brown} [found @ Fi*Friday]

Dress – (Milk Motion) – neoprene dress {Teal} [found @ Collabor88]

Shoes  – tulip. – Peep Toe Booties [Slink]{Teal} [found @ Collabor88]

Stockings – [77] Clothing –  Gartered Stockings {Black}

Makeup  – **NOYA** –   Spring Glitter Exotic Eyes & Lips {Green Eye/Silver Lip} [Group Gift]

Spiked it Becuz

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Fallon and Dillon are at it again! Caught down below in the subway terminal of New York, these 2 fashionistas showed off their ability to spike at any moment! Fallon turns to look at our cameraman and says, “We spiked it because we can.” Touché Fallon, touché!

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On Dillon

Hair – Epoque – Tied Up {Double Dipped}
Top – Le Primitif – Stud Blouse Tucked {Nude/Gold}
Bottom – FAUN –  Hipster Leather Skirt {Noir}
Shoes – ..::FAME::.. – Studded Boots {Blk/Gld}
Headband – CHANDELLE – {Closed} – Headband Studs {Black Style A}

On Fallon

Hair – Boon – Cornrows {Black}
LeLutka – Maleficent {Pitch}
Top – Blueberry – Prue TrenchCoat {Black w/Lola Tango}
Shoes – ..::FAME::.. – Studded Boots {Blk/Sliver}
Bow – Miss LT – {Black}

Old Money, New World


Fallon and Dillon come from old money. “The older, the better” says Dillon. Standing in the driveway of their Great Uncle Max’s, Fallon and Dillon look as posh and wealthy as ever in the new world as their Great Uncle Max calls it.

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On Fallon

Dress – [DC] – Old Hollywood Dress {Gold}

Hair – LeLutka – Vent {Pitch}

Shoes – SIX BOIS – Glam Pointed Heels {Gold/Purple}

Necklace – ::GB:: – Curb Chain Necklace {Gold}

On Dillion

Dress – [fd] – Mermaid Dress [from Collabor88]  {Gold}

Hair – [monso] – My Hair [from Collabor88] {Elsa}

Shoes – SIX BOIS – Glam Pointed Heels {Gold/Purple}

Necklace – ::GB:: – Curb Chain Necklace {Gold}

Dog – .Birdy. – Boston Buddy  [from The Mens Dept.]

For the Love of Shoes!

I just want to say thank you for bearing with me while I start a new journey with a new website. I also want to thank the people who inspire me to be all that I can be and strive to be better as well as those who follow my blog and read each post I do share! With that being said. Welcome to my first blog and I want to do something family based first….The majority of these items come from of my Aunts shops [Deadly Couture] by: Elizabeth Bohannes & Fox Pearl Chrome Auster & {Platinum Doll} by: Laylani Dover. Both very amazing and both very talented women I know and love dearly!

Oh for the love of shoes!!!! A girl can never have enough!


Hair: !lamb. – Zelda {Washed Out}

Top: [DC] – Long Sleeved Sweater {Animal White}

Bottoms: Paperbag. – My Old Destroyed Jeans

Shoes: (On me) – {Platinum Doll} – Besty Heels {White}

Shoes: (Around me) – {Platinum Doll} – Besty Heels {Pink Floral}

                                                           – Besty Heels {Orange}

                                                        – Besty Heels {Black}

                                                        – Delectable {Brown}

                                                     – Delectable {Blue}

                                                                  – Delectable {White Floral}

                                                                         – Work Sneakers {Purple-Gold}

                                                                     – Work Sneakers {Red-Gold}

                                                             – Work Sneakers {Gold}

                                                                          – Work Sneakers {White-Black}