After the cameras stop rolling these two are still in the spot light. They were spotted out on the town going to dinner. Some exclusives right here guys! Fallon and Dillon were laughing and chatting it up like they do. They did however stop and pose for us. They love Viciouz Black.

On Dillon:

Hair: +Spellbound+ ~ Bubsy {Reds}

Dress: -ABL- ~ Heritage Denim Dress {White}[Found @ LOS]

Shoes: WAYNE ~ Bullet Shoes {White}[Slink High]


On Fallon:

Hair: +Spellbound+ ~ Suspiria {Rich Auburn}[Oh My Gacha]

Dress: -ABL- ~ Black Floral Beaded Top & Bottom {Purple}

Shoes: -ABL- ~ Fenty {Clear Plum}[Slink High]

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