We spotted Fallon and her ex boyfriend Brandon Mendoza at the skate rink the other evening during a fundraising event. “I’m glad Brandon and I could settle differences and come together for this amazing event.” Said Fallon after leaving the rink alone.


On Brandon:

Hat: JFL’s Hat Store ~ Pork Pie Hat {Hemp}

Top: kal rau ~ Casual Blazer {M4 Brown}

Bottoms: kal rau ~ Casual Jeans {M4 Dark}

Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] ~ Mesh Army Boots {Brown}

On Fallon:

Hair: little bones. ~ Pirate Wench {Ombre&Roots}

Top: -UNICORNOLOGY- ~Classy As F*ck! {Grey}

Bottom: [.LAYOVER.] ~ Cotton Drawstring Skirt {Grey}

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