#LOTD 12


 LOTD131On the next episode of “Life of Fallon” she will be talking about breakups, goals, her start to success, and how to is able to manage personal relationships with a busy schedule. Stay Tuned!


We caught up with Fallon while she was on her way to sip some tea with her sister Makaylah. The two have played in a number of movies side by side and they are both very successful women. Fallon stopped to take a picture for us as she went on saying “I’ll only stop for Viciouz Black because you guys keep it real.” WOW! Thanks Fallon! We love you ‘cuz you keep it real also!

 Hair: Moon ~ Tourniquet {Ombres}

Jacket: AMITOMO ~ Heavy Shoulder {Gacha/Rare}[Found @ Kustom9]

Top: Ryvolter ~ Lang Jersey Tank {White}

Bottom: {T.O.D} ~ Tropics Shorts {Coral}

Shoes: REIGN ~ Rissa Plats {White}

Necklace: LUXE ~ Layered Necklace {Gold}0

Bindi ~ iRetro ~ Zodiac Bindi {Sagittarius}

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