#LOTD 13



In the next episode of “Life of Fallon”, we catch Fallon with a friend of hers walking down a street in miami. We dont know anymore information as of yet…Stay tuned.


We caught Fallon and a friend of hers named Cash in Miami this evening. They were catching all the sites and heading towards a neat little restaurant that has an exclusive menu. Apparently both of their celebrity status was noted because we couldn’t get in but these two walked right in without having to wait.

On Fallon:

Hair: little bones. ~ Hurt {Ombres}

Top: Color.Me.Hof. ~ Jersey Tee {White}[no longer available]

Bottoms: KITJA ~ Gwen Jeans {M.Blue}

Shoes: [LF] ~ Studded Flats {White/Slink}

Bag: [BUC] ~ Dillinger Duffle Bag {Black/Gacha}

 On Cash:

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* ~ Lochlainn {Tuxedo}[Found at TMD]

Shirt: AMITOMO. ~ Denim vest +T-shirt {Logo}[Found at TMD]

Pants: not so bad. ~ ZOLTAR Jeans {m.Faded}[Found at TMD]

Shoes: [BLK2.0] ~ Wassup {Black&Camo}

Necklaces: //BENJAMINZ// ~ AC Cross {Gold}
//BENJAMINZ// ~ AC Herringbone {Gold}

Watch: //BENJAMINZ// ~ AC {Gold}

Check out Cash’s Blog


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