LOTD #98 The Hood

The next few days after the paparazzi incident at HAVOC were kinda hectic. Signings, meetings and public appearances, were all just too much. I ended up heading back to my city and meet up with a few people. My bodyguard definitely was not guarding me too well when shit popped off. So I just stared at him with disgust.

Me: “How could he just stand there and watch like I’m not here”

Hair: $$$//PL: ~ Yaya Pony

Bodysuit: 28LA ~ Boa {Graffiti White}

Shoes: Remezzo ~ Xena

Earrings: RAWR! ~ Nina {Human Evox}

The look on my face when he tells me I will be ok. Like he gave zero fucks!

Me: “Seriously!”

I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. I fired him on the spot. I can get myself home myself!

Me: “Just walk away….You’re Fired!”

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