LOTD #99 Fashion Week Appearance

After that bullshit that happened in the hood, I had to take some time and get myself back together. I completely forgot I had to make an appearance at a fashion week dinner.

Taking a sip of champagne and on Linkedin searching for a new bodyguard

Time to get this over with…

Thinks to self: “Here they are again…”

Hair: WINGS ~ ER0305 {Gray Pack}

Dress: {F.T} ~ Braylee Sculpt Mini Dress {Red}

Shoes: Remezzo ~ Marie Heels {Black}

Car: .::Indulge::. ~ Coach {Deluxe}

Purse: MOVEMENT ~ Babbie Clutch {Black}

Event now over….I can just chill and take my time going home. One last cameraman loved my car and just wanted a solo picture. How could I say no to a person who was that sweet to ask!

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