For the Love of Shoes!

I just want to say thank you for bearing with me while I start a new journey with a new website. I also want to thank the people who inspire me to be all that I can be and strive to be better as well as those who follow my blog and read each post I do share! With that being said. Welcome to my first blog and I want to do something family based first….The majority of these items come from of my Aunts shops [Deadly Couture] by: Elizabeth Bohannes & Fox Pearl Chrome Auster & {Platinum Doll} by: Laylani Dover. Both very amazing and both very talented women I know and love dearly!

Oh for the love of shoes!!!! A girl can never have enough!


Hair: !lamb. – Zelda {Washed Out}

Top: [DC] – Long Sleeved Sweater {Animal White}

Bottoms: Paperbag. – My Old Destroyed Jeans

Shoes: (On me) – {Platinum Doll} – Besty Heels {White}

Shoes: (Around me) – {Platinum Doll} – Besty Heels {Pink Floral}

                                                           – Besty Heels {Orange}

                                                        – Besty Heels {Black}

                                                        – Delectable {Brown}

                                                     – Delectable {Blue}

                                                                  – Delectable {White Floral}

                                                                         – Work Sneakers {Purple-Gold}

                                                                     – Work Sneakers {Red-Gold}

                                                             – Work Sneakers {Gold}

                                                                          – Work Sneakers {White-Black}